YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – As both sides in the debate over congressional spending show no signs of making progress, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is warning of serious economic consequences if a deal can’t be reached soon.

Lawmakers and others have warned for weeks the nation could go into default on its debt payments as soon as the first of June. While Republicans have insisted on tying significant spending cuts with any increase in the debt ceiling, President Biden and Democrats are criticizing lawmakers for not raising the limit the government can borrow.

“We didn’t do it during Obama. We didn’t do it during Trump, and we shouldn’t do it during Biden,” Brown said. “That means extremists in the House of Representatives need to do their job and quit playing these political games. Get this done.”

Both President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy are expected to meet again tomorrow.

Brown said the consequences will be felt on the local level if action isn’t taken.

“Meals on Wheels could disappear, no exaggeration there, veterans’ benefits will be cut. Lots of people will be laid off in the Mahoning Valley, and we know what layoffs in the Mahoning Valley — the damage it does to families,” Brown said.