YSU Penguins shine at NFL Pro Day

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It has been 19 years since a Youngstown State University football player has been drafted by an NFL team. That streak will likely end next month.

Tuesday, 10 Penguins were on display at YSU’s Pro Day, and there was plenty of NFL interest.

Scouts from 17 NFL teams were in town Tuesday. That includes two former Steeler greats.

Four-time Pro-Bowler Joey Porter, and Hall of Fame Linebacker Kevin Greene spent some time with both Derek Rivers and Avery Moss at the NFL combine two weeks ago.

“He actually sat both of us down, and we got to talk to him, and I had no idea who he was so me and Avery sat down and we saw his ring and we’re like that’s a big ring. Is that a Super Bowl ring?” recalled Rivers. “He said, ‘Nah, you got to play a long time to get one these,, and we looked and it was a Hall of Fame ring, and we were like what the heck?”

Rivers may not have known Kevin Greene, but Greene certainly knows him. He worked out with both Rivers and Moss personally on Tuesday.

The Steelers sent at least three scouts to YSU.

The thought of playing for Pittsburgh immediately brings a smile to the face of Rivers.

“It’d be cool. It’d be cool because I’d be an hour away from them from Youngstown,” Rivers said. “So, I’d be able to come back to games and check on the younger guys that are here. I mean I’d be getting coached by Joey Porter, one of the best to ever do it. It’d be an awesome experience.”

Rivers and Moss were run hard by the scouts in attendance. It’s a tough go with just two guys and very little time to rest between reps.

“It may not have been bad, but it wasn’t clean,” said Moss. “You know they give you that question: ‘Do you want to do it again?’ As a competitor, it’s a sin to say you don’t want to do it again. You know, it’s a setup move, you go back and do it again and I wanted to prove no matter how tired I am, I’m still going to give it to you, anything I can do, long as I’m breathing I can move,” Moss added with a laugh.

The scouts may have come to watch Rivers and Moss, but Jody Webb opened some eyes as well.  The Penguins’ former  tailback has added 10 pounds of muscle this off-season, weighing in at 186 pounds.

Tuesday, Webb put up a staggering 15 reps of 225 on the bench press. The added weight certainly didn’t slow him down.

Webb then ran a 4.4 in the 40 yard dash.

“You know, I think they were pretty gung ho about what I did today on the field and, to be perfectly honest with you, I’m just looking for an opportunity to get my foot in the door and for somebody’s team. I’m just willing to do whatever I need to do to get on the field whether it’s special teams, running back, it doesn’t matter,” Webb said. “I’d like to get in somebody’s office and let them know, hey this guy just wants to get on the field and help contribute.”

The following are the key official numbers for YSU Football standouts at Tuesday’s NFL Pro Day:

Alexander – 40-yard dash (4.58) / 3-Cone (6.89 seconds) / 35-inch vertical jump / 60-yard shuttle (11.15 seconds) / 10 bench press reps

Bishop – 40-yard dash (4.51) / Pro-Agility (4.36 seconds) / 60-yard shuttle (11.24 seconds) / 9 bench press reps / 30.5 inch vertical jump

Colucci – 40-yard dash (5.29) / 23 bench press reps / Pro-Agility (4.6 seconds) / 3-cone (8.13 seconds) / 31-inch vertical jump

Dortch – 40-yard dash (4.61) / 28-inch vertical jump / 3-Cone (6.92 seconds) / 60-yard shuttle (11.33 seconds)

Eisenhuth – 40-yard dash (5.80) / 20 bench press reps / Pro-Agility (5.15 seconds) / 3-Cone (8.53 seconds)

David Rivers – 40-yard dash (4.43 seconds) / 14 bench press reps / 33.5 inch vertical jump / Pro-agility (4.23 seconds) / 60-yard shuttle (11.49 seconds)

Ruiz – 40-yard dash (4.65 seconds) / 21 bench press reps / 34.5-inch vertical jump / Pro-Agility (4.35 seconds) / 3-Cone (7.02 seconds)

Smith – 40-yard dash (4.59 seconds) / 7 bench press reps / 33-inch vertical jump / 3-Cone (7.05 seconds) / 60-yard shuttle (11.59 seconds)

Webb – 40-yard dash (4.35 seconds) / 15 bench press reps / 30-inch vertical jump / Pro-Agility (4.29 seconds) / 3-Cone (6.9 seconds) / 60-yard shuttle (11.51 seconds)


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