YSU athletic trainers adjusting working from home to treat athletes


Even though the student-athletes are away, the athletic training staff at YSU continues to treat the athletes

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – For some of us, working from home is pretty easy, but for others, it isn’t as simple.

“It’s different because as clinicians and healthcare providers, we are so used to using our hands,” said Youngstown State’s head athletic trainer Ethan Solger.

Now, he is trying to diagnose injuries via FaceTime rather than on the field.

“I had a FaceTime the other day with a kid that he was working, stepped out of his truck and rolled his ankle,” Solger said. “So he got on FaceTime with me and I am having him point to different boning landmarks on his ankle to try and see if he needs an X-ray because we may need to rule out that he fractured his ankle.”

Solger says athletes should be able to stay in shape while they are away from their normal routines by running and biking. But something that does concern him is strength training and workload.

“When you think about training load and volume,” Solger said. “If you take somebody that is used to doing a load of 100 for several months, and then when they come back in August and do a load of 1,000, that quick spike in volume, we are going to see an influx of injuries.”

It is not just athletes that can take a hit physically while doing these things though, we can too as we stay and work from home. So, Solger says doing the little things like stretching and maybe going out for a walk or run will keep us in shape while we work from home.

“Stretching, core work. You have to get back into a rhythm of your schedule,” Solger said. “Figuring out when you are going to get your work tasks done, some time for yourself, maybe go out for a walk or a run, you know, bike riding. You can only sit and stare at the TV or the computer for so long. Go out and be active and do something.”

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