YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – “You know I never imagined I would be getting texts from some of the former players that were part of one of my first wins.”

That first win for Youngstown State softball coach Brian Campbell came all the way back in 2001 when he was the coach at Tiffin. Now, over two decades later, Campbell has entered the 600 win club.

“It was exciting, exciting to see the kids’ expression,” Campbell says. “Been doing it so long here and actually being able to achieve that. But it always comes down to credit to the young ladies I have had a chance to coach.”

Campbell earned win #600 on Wednesday as the Penguins topped St. Bonaventure. Over half of his career wins have come as a Penguin and says he has enjoyed hearing from his former players during this milestone moment.

“It means a lot because you know that you have touched so many young ladies’ lives,” says Campbell. “And when you walk away from getting a degree and they go out in the real world it is exciting to see where they end up.”

And for Campbell, what his players do after their playing careers is much more important than how they perform on the diamond.

“I told the girls after the 600 wins. For 26 years I have gotten out of bed and have been excited to go to work,” Campbell says. “And I think that is something I am trying to teach these young ladies. You have a long ways to go in your life and enjoy doing what you enjoy doing. And I have enjoyed this for my entire career since I started.”