(WKBN)- A former WWE women’s champion and Ohio native revealed on Twitter that she was recently treated for a form of skin cancer.

According to multiple reports including Yahoo.com, Alexa Bliss responded to a fan on Twitter after they commented their best wishes after Bliss posted an Instagram Story of a scar on her face.

Bliss, whose real name is Lexi Cabrera, first responded by saying ” “Thank you! Don’t worry, short healing time. Always get your skin checked! Esp if you are in the sun or use tanning beds! Lol.”

In a follow-up Tweet, Bliss revealed that she had surgery for basal cell carcinoma:

“There was a spot on my face yes — that had gotten worse,” she wrote. “So went to get biopsy. Was basal cell carcinoma. During my procedure doc also found other squamous cells. Was a quick and easy procedure. Glad I always get my skin checked.”

Alexa Bliss on Twitter

According to the Mayo Clinic, basal cell carcinoma occurs on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun the most, such as your head and neck. Most basal cell carcinomas are thought to be caused by long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight. Avoiding the sun and using sunscreen may help protect against this cancer.

The American Cancer Society reports that 5.4 million basal and squamous cell skin cancers are diagnosed each year in the United States.

Bliss, a Columbus, Ohio native, was recently featured as a contestant on The Masked Singer. The television series can be seen every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Fox Youngstown.

Her last match on WWE television was a loss to WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at the 2023 Royal Rumble.