AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – This Austintown Fitch softball team is on a tear to start the season (11-0), including a trip to Myrtle Beach where the Falcons outscored opponents, 49-0.

While the weather here in the Valley is drastically different, this young, talented team will look to stay hot the rest of the season.

“It’s been a fun ride, and we’re going to continue,” Fitch head coach Steve Ward said. “So wins and losses aside, we’re really just a team that likes to have fun out here.”

You’d be hard-pressed at finding a softball team with this combination of talent and fun.

“It is just hard-working, our whole team works hard, and I feel like that really contributes to our wins overall. It’s just our team is just something that other teams don’t have,” Fitch sophomore pitcher Sydnie Watts said.

And the Falcons are making an early statement this season, winning all 11 games in a dominant fashion, including a 4-0 trip to South Carolina.

“We did really good down there, we had a player face a lot of good talent, but we just did our own game and we did pretty good,” Fitch senior catcher McKenna Hogan said.

A pretty good might be an understatement — they went a perfect 4-0 while scoring more than 12 runs a game and shutting out each opponent. Watts, the team’s ace, threw a perfect game and no-hitter.

“We’re gonna go far this year, and there’s really no doubt about that with our chemistry,” Watts said. “Like I said, on and off the field, we’re just super close, which just overall helps everything.”

That team chemistry is a big reason this team feels like they have what it takes to make a deep postseason run.

“It’s just normal for us acting goofy and stuff like we do, it’s part of the what makes it fun,” Fitch junior shortstop Ayla Ray said.

“When you have a team that goes crazy more for a big hit for a teammate than getting excited for their own big hit, we’re going to be successful no matter what,” Ward said.