Wellsville’s band of brothers set to kickoff the 2021 season


Wellsville will have three sets of brothers, including twins Valen and Garrett Krzyston leading them in 2021

WELLSVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – A lot of high school football teams in the area might use the mantra of their team being a “band of brothers”.  But for the Wellsville Tigers, the brother’s part is a very true statement.

The Tigers enter the 2021 season with three sets of brothers on the team, including twins Valen and Garrett Krzyston.  In addition, the head coach of the Tigers Robert Ramsey has two sons on the roster Kolby and Kasen. They also have a third set of brothers in Tyler and Darius Stanley.

“We have the twins in Valen and Garrett.  We have Tyler Stanley and his brother Darius.  And the Ramsey boys plus Isaiah Greathouse who all live in the same household.  So we tell them to just leave things at the field and don’t take it home.  Parents don’t want to hear that stuff,” Coach Ramsey said with a chuckle.

“Actually, we do talk about football a lot,” Ramsey admitted about time with his sons and Isaiah.  “I try to keep it to a minimum but when I’m doing work at home with scouting and putting practice schedules together for the following day they want to have their input.  So we do talk a little bit about football, but we try to have more family time than we do football time.”

Valen Krzyston will inherit big shoes to fill at quarterback this year as he tries to replace school passing record-holder Troy Carter who graduated last year.  Garrett will continue to be a key receiver for the Tigers as the two seniors look to be leaders on the team this fall.

“They feed a lot off of each other,” Ramsey remarked.  “Being identical twins, when one is down, the other one has his back.  They are good young men and we are blessed to have them here at Wellsville.”

“It is definitely a different experience,” Valen remarked about playing football with his twin brother.  “Not many get to experience that.  I would have to say that I am pretty lucky.  We always have that connection.  We always know where each other is going to be at, so it’s great.”

“They have both had a great camp and have been making the adjustments that coach Carter has wanted on offense.  They have picked it up well, and they do feed off of each other.  They almost know what the other one is thinking,” Ramsey commented on the benefit of them being at the quarterback and receiver positions.

“I’m always looking for him on any given play no matter what we are running because I always know where he is going to be at.  I know where he is going to be open at.  Like I said, we have that connection,” Valen explained.

Tyler Stanley will be one of the Tiger’s key linemen on both sides of the ball this season.  He is the leading returning tackler on defense with 45 stops last year.  Brother Darius will line up at receiver as he provides the Tigers another target for Valen on offense.  Defensively, Darius will provide depth at the cornerback position.

“It’s definitely a close bond. We are all close.  We consider ourselves family around here.  It is something special what we have,” Valen remarked about the Tigers team.

The Tigers team of brothers will kick off the 2021 season at Toronto on August 20th.  They will start league play (EOAC) on September 10th when they travel to Columbiana.

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