YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Six weeks into the high school football season, we are starting to see game mean more, and top plays get even better. Here’s the Top 5 Plays of Week 6!

Play Number 5: We start in Lowellville, and yes, Vinny Ballone is still putting up unreal numbers and making unreal throws. This one on the run and across the body for 6, Ballone now has 35 passing TD’s through just six games.

Play Number 4: Brookfield picked up their fifth-straight win, and Christian Davis was all over the place, stopping on a dime, spinning the other way and getting deep in Crestview territory, as the Warriors cruised to a 53-6 win.

Play Number 3: : Chaney down 10 with under 4:30 minutes to go, needing a huge play and Bryson Douglas delivers, cutting back the other way and finding green grass in front of him for the Cowboys kick return.

Play Number 2: From a kick return to a punt return, this one got our WKBN Game of the Week started with a spark, as Shane Lindstrom, who’s turning into a walking highlight, takes play number 2.

Play Number 1: We’re staying with South Range, Billy Scripac launching one deep and Ayden Leon does his best Randy Moss impression, going up and over the Girard defense as the Raiders roll the Indians and secure one of the best catches of the season.