YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Another exciting week of high school football brings us another edition of the Top 5 Plays of the Week!

Play number 5: We head to Brookfield and find Donovan Pawlowski launching a ball deep down field and Isaiah Jones snags it on the other end with the impressive catch.

Play Number 4: Chaney’s Jason Amill Austin had a big run last week against Poland and does it again this week, breaking tackles and weaving 45-yards to the house in the Cowboys route of the Spartans 40-14.

Play Number 3: takes us to Austintown and the defensive side of the ball, Canton McKinley looking for the short completion but its Jashaun Barrett there to blow up the play! Another look in slow motion at this perfect hit in the Falcons 38-14 win to improve to 2-0.

Play Number 2: defense was impressive in Week 2, as the Ursuline secondary was tested early with this deep ball, but its DC Ferrell with the incredible no-look interception. We take another look slowed down, the anticipation of the ball from Ferrell to steal it away at the point of contact, insane interception.

Play Number 1: The 2022 Lowellville Rockets are a highlight real waiting to happen, QB Vinny Ballone rolls out and finds Brady Bunofsky across the middle, who snags it one-handed in stride and doesn’t miss a beat after hauling it in, outrunning everyone on the field for a 72-yard touchdown.

Bunofsky would finish with 194 yards receiving yards, 3 TDs and this week’s Top Play of the Week.