Viral video trend brings local softball team closer together while separated


The Salem softball team is one of several squads around the Valley doing a new internet trend

SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – With sports teams apart, a new trend is rising on the internet.

It starts with a teammate and a ball. You have some fun, maybe do a trick before throwing it off to the next teammate, who then catches it in a different location and the pattern continues.

One of the first teams in the area to do it was the Salem softball team, who had a lot of fun doing their video.

“We saw it online from a college and then we thought that would be a great idea,” said Salem head coach Mike Thrope. “Showcase some of the girls’ personalities and get them thinking about softball because this has been a tough time for them.”

Each of the Quakers’ personalities are certainly on display. From coach Kristen Toy living her best ‘stay-at-home’ life to freshman Chase Toy being interrupted learning her new skills in the kitchen.

“I wanted to do something unique because I wanted to be funny,” Chase said. “I have been cooking a lot so I wanted to combine something from home with softball and put them together.”

It is just a way that the team can be together in the current age of social distancing.

“I miss our coaches,” said Salem junior Hannah Kelm. “How fun and outgoing they are and how much fun the season would have been.”

“We have a really special bond going on down there in Salem,” Thrope said. “I know a lot of coaches talk about that but we are sincerely a family.”

The Quakers are hopeful they will be able to salvage some sort of a season, even if it is just a game to honor the seniors.

They have rallied together around one message that just seems to fit for the time we are in.

“We have a slogan and it is ‘this too shall pass’ and we try and send that to the girls every day,” Thrope said.

“We started to connect it and it just makes a lot of sense,” Kelm said.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” Toy said. “And that is going to help us out in the end.”

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