YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Ursuline graduate and current Pitt Women’s Basketball standout Dayshanette Harris has learned a lot during the pandemic.

“Everyone takes everything for granted,” Harris reflected. “It’s like, wow, and it’s definitely like a step back to realize that I’m playing at this high of a level. And, playing as well as I was at the end of the season, it’s mind-blowing, honestly.”

Harris, the only four-time member of the WKBN Starting Five, finished her first season with the Panthers tied for the team lead in scoring, averaging 12 points per game.

Following a slow start, things started to click. A late-season surge earned her a spot on the ACC All-Freshman team. It’s a success that is not being taken for granted.

“Teams are gonna be watching things that I’ve done, things that I did last season,” predicted Harris. “So, getting those abilities to be better, and working on things that I’m not so good at, so that I can become an unstoppable player.”

It’s a desire that runs in a talented sports family. Her cousin is Warren Harding graduate Lynn Bowden, who was recently selected by the Las Vegas Raiders in the third round of the NFL Draft.

“We call this a grit town,” Harris explained. “He’s come from here and, of course, it’s a battle, and you have to be built for it. He’s definitely built for it. Just seeing that gives me a little more motivation and inspiration.”

That inspiration fuels her, whenever the long-awaited post-pandemic return to the court takes place.

“I guess it’s like a blessing in disguise. My mentality is so much better and I’m just ready,” she said.