YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – You’ve seen his creations from Youngstown State athletics to high school athletes announcing their commitments.

“I take this logo here from Robert Morris and I’m going to switch it for NIU and I change the text here, say NIU and I’ll change the game number,” said Youngstown State sophomore Ethan Palowitz. “Then I export it and send it off.”

A graduate of Ursuline High School, Palowitz, or Palo Edits, has drummed up quite a reputation around the Valley for his talent in sports graphic design.

“It’s kind of like street cred a little bit like, you know, people like athletes will see something on Instagram and they’ll know that I did it,” Palowitz said. “It’s just like, cool, people see my stuff and that’s sweet or whatever.”

The 19-year-old is already employed by the athletic department and has even had a little taste of national recognition, most notably completing work for Bills safety Damar Hamlin and cover art that was used for the Wiz Khalifa song “Oakland Originals.”

“I’ve had plenty of job opportunities come up and I’m like, yeah, I’m a sophomore, I got a few more years,” Palowitz said.

But it really all started while he was a student at Ursuline, creating a jersey swap for then commit and now Harvard wide receiver Dean Boyd.

“Really started learning and teaching myself new things and he told me he’s going to go to Harvard,” Palowitz said. “So he was actually at my house when I was doing it and he was over my shoulder.”

Now, a few years later, he has seen his talent and client list grow exponentially.

“I think the more time you put into it, the better it’ll turn out. So I usually spend like five or more hours doing them,” Palowitz said. “But it comes out good and that’s all that matters.”