TRUMBULL CO., Ohio (WKBN) – Two high school golf teams from Trumbull County are set to make their way to Columbus, Ohio, for the state tournament.

Badger and Warren JFK are set to play Oct. 13-14. For Warren JFK, this is their second year in a row qualifying for the big tournament.

“They’re used to the experience now,” said Warren JFK golf coach James Lapolla. “They’ve been down there, they have had their nerves. We’ve played in some tough courses. I mean, it’s nothing to laugh about. I think in that with the growth on this team, I think we’ll see a much more successful golf tournament.”

Warren JFK senior golfer Bryce Van Horn said this team is ready.

“Last year, a lot of nerves got with us. I was the only junior and then we had all freshmen too, so a lot more experience this year,” said Van Horn.

This 2023 season is the first time Badger has made the state tournament. They went undefeated this season, going 18-0.

Badger golf coach Mark Mariani said they are ready to show the rest of Ohio what they’ve got.

“It’s the kids there, they’ve been putting work in since the weather turn,” said Mariani. “We’ve got three kids on the team that probably have 30 tournaments under their belt just from the summer. So they’ve been pretty serious about it all summer.”

Badger senior golfer Hudson Rice said all of their hard work paid off.

“It was just a huge relief because for the whole entire year, we’ve been planning it and just hoping to make it,” said Rice. “Then once I found out we did, I just was able to relax, finally.”

New or experienced, both teams are ready to make a run.

“Everyone just wants to play the best that they can,” said Lapolla. “But I really just need to see some good golf that I’ve seen throughout the season, and I think that will lead us to a lot of success.”

“I’m not really going to stress it too much. I’m just happy we made it,” said Rice. “Definitely an underdog, yes. Just got to stay optimistic and anything could happen.”

Boys Division II and III, and Girls Division II all play Oct. 13-14.