YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It is already over halfway through the season for high school football. In this week’s top plays, long runs and smart defense tops the list.

Play No. 5: Sharon went to play Sharpsville and this play would get called back because of a flag, but Sharpsville quarterback Caullin Summers puts on a show. Summers looks to pass but dances and spins around defenders. Summers eventually throws a pass to his receiver in the end-zone. Sharon wins it 26-7.

Play No. 4: Poland travels to play Niles. Poland running-back Cole Fulton rushes and takes the ball to the far side of the field. Fulton has an open lane and races to the end-zone. Fulton would score a 68-yard touchdown. Poland wins it 28-14.

Play No. 3: Cardinal Mooney played Chaney. Mooney quarterback Ashton O’Brien throws a high ball to his receiver Carlos Gomez and catches it over the head of a Chaney defender. Gomez scores on a 17-yard touchdown pass.

Play No. 2: Same game, but it’s Chaney’s turn on the list. Chaney’s Matt Jones has a quarterback designed run, splits a few defenders, and is off to the races. Jones sprints down the field to score an 80-yard touchdown. Chaney beats Cardinal Mooney 28-12.

Play No. 1Mathews came to play Mineral Ridge. Matthew’s quarterback Dom Spagnoletta’s pass is intercepted by Mineral Ridge defender, Ian Erb. Erb races down the field and scores a 43-yard pick-six. Mineral Ridge wins 46-12 and earns our Top Play of the Week.