Big Game Bound

Big Game Bound

Teachers using Super Bowl to make learning fun in the classroom

The Big Game

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (WDAF) — Super Bowl week had teachers in the Kansas City area using lessons from the big game to make learning fun in area schools.

“I keep telling my first graders, ‘You were not born when we went to the Super Bowl the last time. Mrs. Countryman’s 43 years old, and I wasn’t even born, so this is huge,'” said Lauren Countryman, a first-grade teacher at William Southern Elementary. “I just hope they can remember this. It’s such a big memory.”

For the past two weeks, Countryman has been using Chiefs-inspired math lessons to teach her students. All season long, the class has been keeping track of the team’s record.

“What’s nice is we have been working on graphing lately, so it was an easy thing to just incorporate the Super Bowl and include football in our math lessons,” she said. “It’s been really easy, but making it exciting and fun.”

The students are learning everything from counting Mahomes passes, learning greater than and less than signs and, of course, statistics.

Countryman said it’s the best of both worlds for not only her, but her students who are able to blend football into a lesson.

“When you make learning fun and connect it to them, it sticks so much better,” Countryman said.

To celebrate Red Friday, the class also participated in a small tailgate event with hot dogs, desserts and Chiefs gear.

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