New York teen petitions NFL to have big game moved to Saturday

The Big Game

The 16-year-old has a legitimate reason for the change

ROCHESTER, New York (CNN Newsource) – Frankie Ruggeri wants to change the day of the Super Bowl. And the 16-year-old from New York has a legitimate reason.

Who wants to get up Monday morning after such a late night watching the big game?

Frankie feels Saturday would be better so people can sleep in on Sunday.

“I’d like for the Super Bowl to be on Saturdays because of schools are not open the next day,” he said. “No school the next morning, no work. Might as well make it Saturday.”

Frankie started a petition on to get others behind his idea, starting with next year’s Super Bowl.

“He was persistent, very persistent, and he really believed it was a good cause,” Frankie’s father, Frank Ruggeri, said. “So I said, ‘Frankie, go for it. Do what you gotta do.'”

Similar efforts in the past have been unsuccessful, largely because the NFL believes TV ratings and revenue will be stronger by keeping its big game on Sundays.

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