WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – During her freshman season on the Warren JFK girls’ soccer team, Sarina Massacci earned her first varsity letter as part of the 2019 district championship team. By her senior year, she had 14 more varsity letters and plenty more experience.

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything; it was fun. I’ll always look back on it and remember that these girls looked up to me as a leader, and I think I fulfilled that position very well,” Massacci said.

During her senior season, she netted three hat tricks and 15 goals with the Eagles, adding First Team All-Conference and Second Team All-District honors as well.

But the soccer team isn’t the only squad she captains. She also serves as a tennis and cheer captain during her senior year.

“I try and work as hard as I can, whether it’s in the classroom or out of the classroom,” Massacci said. “Like soccer, the whole summer when I wasn’t at the school, I was at Howland Park playing, I was kicking balls with my father. I’ve always tried to be the best I can because you only get to be young once.”

Along with that, the JFK homecoming queen sports a 4.0 GPA while taking college classes senior year, and adds on even more with Medprep, Student Government, National Honor Society, Game Changers and dance.

But, Massacci says it’s all possible through the work ethic she created growing up.

“Both my brother and sister are smart, they don’t have to study… I’m the total opposite, I need to work hard to get my grades,” Massacci said. “So from a young age, I knew I was like my mom. She had to work hard to get good grades, so I saw that, and I’ve just taken it seriously as much as I can, and it’s paying off.”

She’s now looking forward to more as at the moment, she is considering studying business with an eye on law school in the future.

Warren JFK Senior Sarina Massacci is our Student-Athlete of the Week.