NEW MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Some athletes rack up four varsity letters in one sport, while others join a new one late and end up with two, but Springfield’s Hallie Joyce is all that in one!

“It’s actually pretty crazy for me because I didn’t play soccer until my sophomore year,” Joyce said. “So like now, being the leader and like the example for everyone, honestly, it feels amazing that like, girls will look up to me.”

By the end of it, she will have four years of varsity track and two of varsity soccer, all while being involved outside of sports, including in the National Honors Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, plus Prom and Float committees.

“This school has really taught me how to manage my time well — from having to be at practice at a certain time, do my homework, have due dates with like school assignments,” Joyce said. “I think I’m going into college with pretty good time-management skills, so I think that’ll help me.”

After four years of juggling it all, Joyce has a message for all those student-athletes who wonder if they can balance it all, too.

“Honestly, just try our hardest and keep your school a little bit above your sports, and then to show up to practice and just do your best in all of it,” Joyce said.

Joyce’s next goal after graduation is to eventually become a nurse, and she’ll start that journey at Youngstown State University next fall.

“I’m a people person, so like, I’ve always wanted to help people, so I’ve had nursing in my mind since I was like sixth grade, so I’m really excited for that,” Joyce said.

Springfield senior Hallie Joyce is our Student-Athlete of the Week.