GREENVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) – When you’re still firing up the lights for practice past daylight saving time, you know you’re doing something right.

“This a season of practice in the snow, we practiced in snow last night and again this night, I mean I did that my sophomore year one time, but it’s just like a surreal moment,” Reynolds senior Brayden McCloskey said. “Seeing the snow during football practice is just a fun time.”

The 10-1 Reynolds Raiders are rolling right now, as winners of 8 straight, and are set up for a District 10 1A title match up this weekend, in-part thanks to 3-year starting quarterback Brayden McCloskey, who help lead this team to a state semi final as a sophomore, and state quarter final as a junior.

“It’s definitely weird feeling, when I was like a sophomore, I was like, no way, I’ll be a senior that quick,” McCloskey said. “And it just kind of happened so fast, now I just like being a leader like our younger guys on the team.”

Plus, McCloskey is in the school record books, becoming the first Raider QB to eclipse 1,000 passing yards in a season.

While also doubling up on the matt, as a 2-time team state champion in wrestling his freshman and sophomore season.

Not only is McCloskey excelling in those two sports, but he’s on pace to graduate Top 5 in his senior class, with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

“I always want to have a goal to be on top of wherever I can be — in the classroom or on the field tomorrow, trying to work harder for the best I can be in any aspect of my life,” McCloskey said. “So, I mean, just trying to have that goal and going forward every time, everywhere I am.”

Whether that’s hitting the books or breaking down film, Brayden says regardless of how different they can be, his work ethic is always the same.

“School is more like memorization and being able to solve problems, I mean, you solve problems in football, but it’s more about recognizing stuff as the game goes on,” McCloskey said. “But the film is just there to help you like recognize it easier, I mean, there’s probably the work ethic there, I would say between the two is definitely like something the same there.”

Reynolds senior Brayden McCloskey is our Student Athlete of the Week.