NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – For many multi-sport student athletes in high school, it can feel like the activities never end.

“As soon as volleyball seasons end, we come right into basketball, open gym,” Niles senior Alaina Thigpen said. “So it is pretty quick, but I don’t mind because I like staying busy.”

That’s for sure the case for Thigpen, who’s spent four years playing volleyball and basketball where she’s in the record books after hauling in 20 rebounds in one game against Chaney her junior year.

While now during her senior year, also serving as the president for both the National Honors Society and marching band.

“I’m here more than at my own house I usually joke about, but it’s a lot of fun because that’s what makes my high school experience so great, and I’m just so blessed that I’m able to do all these activities during the same time,” Thigpen said.

Not to mention Key Club and Spanish Club, but Thigpen still keeps up with her 4.0 GPA intact, while on track to graduate top of her class.

“Looking back on my career, I don’t know how I did it all, but it just it was hard work and dedication and just pushing through knowing because I knew I could do it,” Thigpen said. “It just takes determination and practice and working hard and then I knew I could do.

So between all those activities around Niles, it’s safe to say Thigpen is going to take all she learned in these classrooms, and on this court with her to college.

“A lot of my coaches say practice the way you perform, and I think that’s the same in the classroom too,” Thigpen said. “Just working on like if you have a big test, I think studying goes a long way and I think it translates to the court, too.”

Niles senior Alaina Thigpen is our WYTV Student Athlete of the Week.