In terms of fandom and national support, there may be no head coach in college football history who’s taken over a program and immediately gained anywhere close to the level of support and following that Deion Sanders has at Colorado.

But the love ‘Coach Prime’ gets nationally goes beyond just fans pulling for the Buffaloes. The “believers,” as Sanders calls the national bandwagon, seemingly always has his back on social media as well. And the latest proof of that comes from former NFL quarterback Danny Kanell’s seemingly random feud with Sanders.

First came this tweet, which was an obvious shot at Sanders and praise for Colorado State coach Jay Norvell, who decided to publicly call out Coach Prime as well ... for wearing sunglasses and a hat while speaking to the media.

After the somewhat-baffling comments from Kanell, college football fans were quickly reminded that the internet is undefeated. Thanks to the official college football reddit, one theory as to why Kanell could be trolling Sanders came to light.

It all makes a lot more sense now, and fans couldn’t contain themselves after seeing this theory.