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Logan Paul is partnering with the UFC.

But he is not stepping in the Octagon – at least not yet.

Paul generated millions of views on social media Monday when he teased a UFC-related announcement. Technically, he did tell the truth: Paul signed a deal that makes Prime—the beverage company he founded—the new hydration drink for the UFC.

A master of marketing, Paul needs to be careful how often he promises major announcements. But the potential remains for him to eventually sign a fight contract and compete in the Octagon. He has experience with amateur wrestling, and his boxing exceeded expectations. And there is no questioning Paul’s charisma—his appearances for WWE have been nothing short of outstanding. He delivered an outrageous feat of athleticism Saturday at WWE’s Royal Rumble, and he is expected to work a match at WrestleMania in April.

For those eager to see Paul compete in the UFC, coming to terms on a business deal is hopefully a building block toward entering the cage.