YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Youngstown State football team closed out the spring season with its red and white game Saturday afternoon at Stambaugh Stadium. The defense prevailed, defeating the offense 27-24.

Watch the video above to hear from the Penguins after the game.

“We want to compete,” YSU head coach Doug Phillips said. “It’s not like we’re playing South Dakota State, North Dakota State today. We’re playing our own guys. In the same time, you also want to be able to have fun, play with great fundamentals, but take care of each other. You can’t win a game in the spring. You could only lose it. So, to feel like we got through spring ball and in the red and white game injury free to means we head into that next cycle and in the weight room.”

“Today, I thought we did a good job competing. Ones all the way down to the threes,” senior linebacker Griffin Hoak added. “I thought both sides of the ball battled our butts off. Was a really close score at the end of the game, and I’m just really excited to come out and play behind this defensive line in the fall.”

Former Liberty standout Dra Rushton shined during the game. Rushton got the offense on the board in the first half after running 15 yards into the end zone.

“I’ve been hurt for two seasons,” Rushton said. “So, you know, to come out here and be healthy and show Penguin Nation what I can do because I’m a Youngstown kid. So, to come out here and perform in front of the city, it was great. I feel good.”