Sherry and Brungard lead the Ohio Team in the Penn-Ohio Classic


Ohio quarterbacks finish their remarkable scholastic career Wednesday night

GREENFORD, Ohio (WKBN) – Following four years of leading their respective teams, facing each other on the field, and setting school records, East Palestine’s Parker Sherry and Springfield’s Brannon Brungard are now teammates. 

Arguably two of the best small school quarterbacks in the Quad County area will be leading the Ohio team Wednesday night when the squad attempts to win its third game in a row in the all-star classic.

The two gunslingers have combined for over 10,000 passing yards and 126 touchdown tosses. They have also amassed over 1,400 rushing yards, scoring another 62 touchdowns with their legs. 

They have combined for four league championships and three playoff appearances while they split the two games they have faced each other.  The Bulldogs knocked off the Tigers in 2015 35-17, but the Tigers got their revenge in 2016 48-13.

“It is pretty cool,” Brungard said of playing alongside Sherry. “Playing with a guy I saw, and I remember my freshman year playing at East Palestine, and I think they beat us by like 21 (points) or something. He was the quarterback, and he was doing everything. I’m like ‘I wish I was that good,’ and then the next year we beat them so it was pretty cool to get back at them a little bit. He’s a really good quarterback, and it’s going to be fun.”

“It’s been fun to compete out here through the first couple of practices and we’ve been able to have some fun,” Sherry confirmed. “So it’s great to be playing with him, but I love the competition. We went to a YSU camp, and I always enjoyed competing with him.”

With the Ohio team being coached by East Liverpool’s Joshua Ludwig and his staff, both Brungard and Sherry have had to adapt to new terminology at the signal-caller role. Fortunately, they are both accustomed to adapting on the fly and are working together to make adjustments.

“We’re both learning a new offense, so we are definitely going to share that,” Brungard said. “We’ll both be sharing different stuff — things we’ve learned over the years from playing and picked up in our careers.”

“Like Brannon was saying about terminology, I think that is one big thing we can share, especially with his dad (Mark Brungard) being an offensive coordinator. He’s able to add a lot of different terminologies and with me learning different things at Bowling Green and East Palestine,” Sherry added about them working together.

While the two will be competing for playing time on the field, they both are also enjoying the experience of playing one last scholastic game with some of their best friends and teammates from East Palestine and Springfield.  Sherry is joined by his tailback Dominic Posey, while Brungard has Luke Snyder, Shane Eynon, Benjamin Chaszeyka and Zack Stouffer all joining him on the team.

“He’s my best friend in the entire world,” Sherry praised his Bulldog teammate. “Maybe some time in college we can hook up, but it means the world to me just to play one more game with him  Ever since I met Dominic in first grade, we just clicked. We’ve always been best friends. We’ve always had fun with football, and it’s going to be a great last game for us.”

“I’ve been friends with them my whole life since we played for the Little Tigers,” Brungard said of his three teammates on the roster. “We were all captains too, which is pretty neat. It’s nice to play with them one last time after we didn’t make the playoffs (in 2018), so this will be a little redemption to have some fun. We’re all best friends and hang out together all the time, so it’s pretty cool.”

At the same time, they are also enjoying the experience of making new friends that were perhaps bitter enemies in the regular season.

“Making friends with people I vaguely knew but meeting them face-to-face without trying to kill each other on the field  Just getting to meet them and becoming friends will be cool,” Brungard said.

“It’s awesome getting to meet some new guys,” Sherry added. “I got to meet the Western Reserve guys who are some really cool dudes, even though I wasn’t friends with them in week two last year. It’s cool to see their views on football and how much Coach Hake has meant to them. So it’s cool to hear their experiences through football and playing against each other.  It’s a great honor to be playing with so much talent.”

No matter who is quarterbacking for the Ohio team this Wednesday at the Penn-Ohio Game, fans should enjoy watching these two extremely talented and entertaining signal-callers one more time. 

Kickoff for the Penn-Ohio Game is set for 7 p.m. at Geneva’s Reeves Stadium.

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