Scrappers ushers have unique perspective on game through the years; Reedy and Keegan reflect on memories


Jim Reedy and John Keegan have developed life-long relationships with Scrappers players and fans

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Summer nights in Niles are all about Scrappers baseball.

The team is off to another great start this season. But while fans are enjoying the game, there’s countless people behind the scenes making it all happen.

Two longtime baseball fans, Jim Reedy and John Keegan, have been part of the Scrappers tradition for years now. John has been with the Scrappers for 11 years and is currently the longest tenured usher. While Jim is in his 9th season with the Indians organization. He’s also a security guard for the team in Arizona every spring and served as a host family for 12 years.

“The interacting with the fans is probably the most fun. even with the job we do it with the Indians that’s a big part of it even though we’re called security. we’re more public relations with the fans than we are with security.

“I enjoy watching the games,” said Keegan. “I’ve gotten to really enjoy coming out and seeing many of the same people game after game year after year kind of thing.

These two have witnessed hundreds of games over the years, watching players work their way up the rank and developing life-long friendships.

“The fun of it is to watch their progress and see them develop over the years,” said Reedy. “I’ve got to be very close with Cody Allen and Jason Kipnis has been there [at my house] and Giovanny Urshela and several other ones. I’ve even been invited to a couple of weddings.”

“We’ve seen Tyler Naquin…saw Michael Brantley two years ago I think when he was on a rehab assignment,” said Keegan. “Francisco Lindor came through here also.”

John and Jim are both retired and both plan on serving for years to come.

“This isn’t work nor does what I do in Arizona work,” said Reedy. “It’s just a lot of fun.”

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