Postponed Olympics might be an advantage for YSU’s Chad Zallow


The Warren JFK grad will try to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics next spring

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Chad Zallow is one of thousands of Olympic hopefuls playing the waiting game. The International Olympic Committee announced Monday that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been postponed until July 2021 — and that might not be a bad thing for Zallow.

“You know, I think it definitely helps me,” Zallow said. “Anytime I have more time to prepare, it’s definitely more to my benefit. Personally, I felt like I was pretty well off this year. I was confident in my training. Things have been going well.”

With most outdoor meets canceled, Zallow, like many athletes, was struggling to find an event to qualify for the Olympic Trials in June. The postponement has eased that burden.

Now Zallow’s got to find a way to train without the hurdles and equipment he normally uses.

“It’s definitely difficult,” he said. “Most facilities are actually closed so a lot of training is kind of makeshift, you know, maybe running in my backyard, going to the park, lifting in my basement. Training is definitely different than pre-coronavirus. Lot of things are closed down, so you kind of have to figure out a way to make things work now.”

Another advantage Zallow may have during this break is financial. Many of his competitors depend on appearance fees and the prize money from events that have now been canceled.

Zallow has a job working for Waterstone Mortgage in Howland. He’s 22 years old and is entering the prime of his career.

“I’ve learned a lot over the years in terms of training and what I need to do to run fast at certain times,” he said. “I’m definitely more patient and I’m definitely learning how to work smart, not hard, all the time. So I’m definitely learning a lot as I go and using that to my advantage. I think I’m definitely getting more consistent over the years and figuring out all the things I need to do run fast at the right times, rather than just running fast all the time.”

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