AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — The North High School Vikings in Akron have a lot of pride in their football program. 

Athletic Director Carrie Stewart says the players love representing their school each week, especially after going through some tough times recently.

“We are in the middle of building something, and we get a win, which is something we don’t always get early in the season when we are traveling,” Stewart said.

Though the team is 1-7 this year, Stewart says getting this football team on the field this year was a victory. 

“A lot of our coaching staff, they came in under some real adverse situations. We tragically lost our coach last November, and got a late start,” said Stewart. “We put together a stellar staff. Unbelievably dedicated buy-in from the kids.” 

Unfortunately, the Vikings are running into a numbers game. 

Of course, the team and their head coach Doug Miller want to finish what they started. However, down to just 15 healthy players left on their roster, North has decided to forfeit their last two games of the season.

It’s a tough call to make, but one Miller feels is the right decision. 

“I just told them, we are doing this to keep you guys healthy, to keep you guys safe and to make sure you can all come back and play next year,” explained Miller. 

The season won’t end how anyone thought it would. But there is an enormous amount of pride for their student athletes, who gave it their all as long as they could.

“They have overcome some real adversity here in this building. I just hope that they will see this as an opportunity to overcome adversity again. Just become stronger. I mean it’s going to take some character to get through this,” said Stewart.