OHSAA commissioner updates the fate of winter and spring sports


Sports Team 27 spoke with OHSAA Commissioner Jerry Snodgrass for an update on winter and spring sports

COLUMBUS (WKBN) – High school student athletes remain in limbo in the Valley, anxiously waiting on official word on the fate of their respective sports seasons.

On Wednesday, Sports Team 27 talked to OHSAA Commissioner Jerry Snodgrass for some insight on the matter.

Watch the video above to hear his complete interview.

Snodgrass said he still isn’t ready to pull the plug on the winter sports tournament but adds a decision needs to be made soon.

His office is thinking creatively, looking for ways to complete the postponed tournaments.

Also factoring in is the lack of facility availability and the long-term postponement of events like the Olympics.

Snodgrass said he is closely following Governor Mike DeWine’s orders on how long schools will be closed.

He offered a potentially brighter and more optimistic outlook on the fate of spring sports, such as baseball and softball.

“We still feel confident that we could do something creatively,” Snodgrass said. “It won’t be the full season, without a doubt…even if we go back May 1. One of the challenges, people talk about extending the spring seasons all the way into August. There are a lot of challenges with that. Schools may not be available to host things and I also want to make sure that the playing field is as level for everybody. Not just the few schools that could make their sites available, but I hold a lot of hope out for the spring seasons.”

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