CLEVELAND (WJW) – The magic moment that sent the Guardians to the divisional round of the playoffs was also a magic moment for one local high school student.

Sixteen-year-old Megan Forshey and her father were sitting in their usual seats – seats they’ve had for the past nine years.

“I go to probably 10 to 20 games a year and I haven’t gotten a ball close to me,” Forshey said.

But Saturday was her lucky day. When Oscar Gonzalez’s drive to left field cracked off his bat, Forshey was ready to bring it home.

“I was just exhausted, standing up, watching the game,” she recalled. “Then Oscar hit one, and it was coming right for me. I just followed it all the way through and it landed in my glove.”

When you watch the replay of the homerun, you can spot Forshey not only bring in the catch, but also call her dad off as it was in flight.

“I was in shock. I’m like ‘I got it,’” she said. “I put my hand out to my dad, he backed away and then I caught it.”

Forshey is a two-sport athlete at Westlake, playing softball and golf. She said she played baseball with the boys up until high school, so making the homerun catch was second nature.=

“I saw Megan shove her dad out of the way, maybe gently nudge and catch it,” Westlake High School Principal Rob Woods said. “She’s an awesome kid and it was truly amazing for us to see that.”

Now she can’t wait to see the Guardians take on the Yankees.

“Yeah, hoping they beat the Yankees,” she said.

Forshey already has the ball protected in a case at home for safe keeping.

She’s open to returning the ball to Gonzalez, but only if he’s willing to make a trade with her. Her asking price: some signed items from him and the team.