(WKBN) — Ohio sports bettors won’t be on the sideline any longer during the NFL Draft.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission has approved new betting options for the three-day long NFL Draft.

You can bet on a player’s draft position, except for them being the first or second pick — that was one part that was not approved.

You can guess who will be drafted first between two players. There will also be options for the number of players at a position or from an NCAA conference drafted during a round of the draft.

The following NFL Draft sports betting rules were approved this week:

  • Player selected at X pick (Excluding the 1st or 2nd overall pick of the draft)
  • Position of X team 1st draft pick (Excluding the 1st and 2nd Overall Picks)
  • Over/under players from X conference in a round
  • Over/under X position players drafted in a round
  • X player draft position
  • X drafted player at X position (Except for the 1st and 2nd Overall Picks)
  • Player to be drafted first matchup. (Example: Who Is Drafted First: Player X or Player Y)

For more information on rules and previously approved NFL Draft prop bets, visit the Ohio Casino Control Commission website.

The 2023 NFL Draft is live Thursday, April 27- Saturday, April 29 in Kansas City, Missouri.