Mixed feelings as fans react to Cleveland Indians changing team name


The Indians have been looking into this name change since the summer

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WKBN) – The Cleveland Indians are going to change their name, owner Paul Dolan confirmed it on Monday. It has been in use for over 100 years, since 1915. Now, fans are reacting.

“I don’t see any reason why they should change it from the Indians. I don’t see the Indian name being derogatory. I think most of the fans support that attitude,” said Gary Detter from Berlin Center.

The team has had people protest the Indians’ name on opening day since 1973. They felt it was racist.

Now, the team is going to follow the Washington Football Team’s lead after it dropped its name five months ago.

“If the Redskins did it, it couldn’t hurt the Indians. It’s just a sports team. We still know they [are] Cleveland,” said Alonzo Curry from Youngstown.

The Indians have been looking into this name change since the summer.

It leaves many fans to wonder, which team might be changing names next?

“I’m a Pirates fan so pretty soon they’ll be changing Pirates’ name because Pirates pillaged and looted, you know?” said Bob Ford from Boardman.

The Indians have stopped using the Chief Wahoo logo and many people thought that might be enough to please Native American groups, which supposedly didn’t like the Indians’ name.

“They are very oppressed and hear we’re going to change the Indians’ name and that’s going to help them? How?” Ford wonders.

As for the future, there might be one way to satisfy fans of the name Indians.

“Tribe. I don’t know if that would be acceptable or not but that’s what I’d suggest,” Detter said.

The Indians’ owner has already ruled out that suggestion and said it won’t be called the Cleveland Baseball Team. They’ll be called the Cleveland Indians until a new name is chosen.

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