VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) – “This program hasn’t had much the last few years and it is just good to come back for a second year in a row,” Mathews senior tight end and linebacker Logan Corson said inside the Mustangs’ locker room on Wednesday.

For just the second time ever, the Mathews football team is in Week 11 for a second straight season. But now, the Mustangs have their eyes set on school history with their first-ever playoff win.

“For any program, it is great to win one of those big key games,” said head coach Bill Bohren. “Be super for our program.”

“Going from a couple years ago winning two games,” said senior quarterback Ethan Petak. “So it would mean a lot to the team and the school and our community.”

Petak has been pacing the offense so far this season for Mathews, despite being off the field for several years. Petak hasn’t played since sixth grade.

“It has actually been alright,” Petak said. “I have always stuck with it, have always been watching games and stuff, so it has been fun.”

“He is just an animal, he is a dog for sure,” Corson said. “Everyone builds around him, he pushes all of us. Places the ball perfectly, scrambles when he needs to, keeps control when the pocket folds around him.”

The Mustangs’ matchup will be no slouch Friday night. They will travel to Springfield, who has won six straight games and has been to the regional final four straight years.

“Play hard, not make mistakes and if everything falls right, you can have a win,” Bohren said. “But you have to know who you are playing and you have to know how good they are. Been to the regional final four years in a row so we know we are playing a good team.”