AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Dozens of scouts representing every level of college football were on hand in Austintown on Wednesday to watch the Falcons’ high school football showcase. They were looking to see what talent this school can provide, and there is plenty of talent at Fitch this season. At least four members of the football team already hold Division I college offers.

Among the schools in attendance were: Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Miami, Florida, Kentucky, and Louisville.

“It’s special to have the power fives here,” said Austintown Fitch coach T.J. Parker. “That’s really nice, and that doesn’t happen all the time. But important to me is the D3, the D2, the 1As that are here that are guys that are in the middle. Those guys are hard to find because D3 guys are looking D2, D2 is looking for D1 and to find those guys and have these guys get that opportunity to take the next step is special for them and special for me in this program.”

After a couple of hours in Austintown, those same scouts made their way to Warren Harding High School for the Raiders’ Pro Day. Warren Harding head coach Steve Arnold has been hosting the event for years in hopes of gaining exposure for the players in his program.

“I’ve always been about our young people,” Arnold said. “I came up with this concept years ago. I was watching an NFL combine and I said, man, you know, we need to have a Pro Day, and you kind of use that in the offseason because the offseason is long. So you use that carrot theory, what am I going to, what am I shooting for? Obviously, you want to get bigger, faster, stronger for the season, but you need something else. So we have this Pro Day and they look forward to it. So it’s, I don’t know where I started, but I think it’s been pretty good.”