Mahoning County communities fired up about football


Springfield and Poland are both heading to the state semifinals

MAHONING COUNTY, Ohio (WKBN) – Springfield and Poland communities are fired up over their football teams, and they’re only separated by a few miles.

“It’s just amazing to see the amount of fans that come to the games and it’s just not another Friday night thing. It’s something to come out and support the tigers,” said Springfield senior Noah Hartzier.

Springfield is heading to the state final four for the first time in school history.

“Everyone’s just so excited, like so happy for our football team. It’s great to have a sense of community within our school,” said Poland senior Emily Frost.

Poland has been in this situation before but not since 1999.

“I think everybody’s a lot more united because we get to share our Friday nights together. We’ve been doing pep rallies, trying to unite the elementary, middle and high school, just trying to make the spirit overall school wide,” said Springfield senior Ashley Best.

Springfield and Poland are the lone two Mahoning County teams still standing in the postseason.

“I feel like we’ll take the challenge on and we’ll represent, you know what I mean, the Mahoning Valley in a good way,” said Springfield Head Coach Sean Guerriero.

Only a four mile trip down the road separates the two schools.

“Youngstown is a football town. We’re fortunate to still be playing, and the school right down the road is still playing with us too. Kinda relatively small communities proud to go and represent,” said Poland Head Coach Ryan Williams.

Springfield and Poland are two of the top teams in the Valley and they’re both heading to the state semifinals.

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