Curbstone Coaches seeking new members


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Curbstone Coaches is an organization founded in 1959 that aims to keep sports alive in the Mahoning Valley by having discussions with and honoring local sports figures.

“We’ve had Heisman trophy winners come to this area in football,” Curbstone Coaches President Frank Nolasco said. “We’ve had professional basketball players. We’ve had a professional basketball team. We have all this history here. I don’t want to lose it. Our organization doesn’t want to lose it. So, we’re going to continue on and on and on every year perpetuating this.”

Watch the above video to see the full interview with Curbstone Coaches President Frank Nolasco.

Curbstone Coaches has roughly 150 members, but is looking to grow.

“Our organization is made up of men and women who aren’t necessarily coaches or have been coaches, but people that are interested in sports,: Nolasco said. “People that are interested in doing something for the community and propagating and keeping it going.”

Curbstone Coaches holds a weekly luncheon every Monday where a different guest is invited to speak.

“So far, we’ve had Coach Doug Phillips from Youngstown State University,” Nolasco added. “Ron Strollo was there. Jim Tressel is always a big hit when he comes to speak with us. Boom Boom Mancini has been there.”

The group also pays tribute to former area athletes, coaches and administrators at its annual Hall of Fame Banquet. To date, nearly 500 people have been inducted. The organization honors numerous local high school athletes every year, as well.

“We have scholarships available for some of our young high school athletes,” Nolasco said. “We give trophies to the best athlete male and female of the year. If you’re a high school state champion, our organization makes sure you’re invited to one of our luncheons. We give you a plaque and make a big proclamation.”

Curbstone Coaches meets on Mondays from 12 to 1 p.m. at the Avion on the Water Banquet Center.

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