YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – When Thanksgiving rolls around, there are only a couple of things on people’s minds.

“I love turkey and gravy, and it was kind of a common answer, but that’s my favorite,” said Warren JFK senior Ambrose Hoso.

“I like ham. I’m not a big turkey guy, but I like also like sweet potato casserole or corn casserole,” Warren JFK senior Thomas Valent.

The first thing, of course, is food.

“I’m a big cheesy potato guy. I love cheesy potatoes,” Warren JFK senior Aidan Rossi said. “My mom and my aunts always make great mashed potatoes.”

“I love my desserts, like all the pies, and I think mac and cheese, probably,” Warren JFK senior Pat Valent said. “And I make a good mac and cheese, and I love sweet potatoes, so those are probably my two favorites.”

A close second in importance is football.

“It doesn’t get any better than that, than a big ‘ole plate of food and watching some NFL or college football, there’s nothing better than that,” Rossi said.

But for three local teams here in Ohio — Canfield, South Range and JFK — they also had some work of their own to take care of before the feasts.

“Oh, it’s awesome. We’re going to be practicing on Thanksgiving,” Canfield senior Broc Lowry said. “All the coaches are talking about it because they did back in high school, some of them.”

And practicing with the team definitely beats backyard football with the family.

“We usually have to have like a turkey bowl just after the season will come over, but now, I mean, we’re still in it, and it’s just sweet knowing that we’re still playing during Thanksgiving,” South Range senior Joey Plunkett said.

It’s also starting to become a tradition for JFK head coach Dom Prologo and the team.

“Both of us and our older brother have all gotten to practice on Thanksgiving, so it’s kind of become a thing in the house and just prepare for and it’s awesome,” Pat Valent said.

“We’re all family here at Kennedy, and to have Thanksgiving here on the field and then be able to go home, it’s special, really special,” Thomas Valent said.