Izzy Lamparty reaches 1,000 points while leading the Raiders


Lamparty has been a three-year starter for the Raiders

South Range topped Niles 58-28 Thursday night in girls’ high school basketball action.

CANFIELD, OHIO (WKBN) – The South Range Raiders have a long history of standout girls basketball players.  This year junior forward Izzy Lamparty is the latest to cement her name in the school’s record books.

On February 3rd she reached the magical 1,000 point milestone following an early basket in the Raiders 53-31 win over league opponent Girard.  Lamparty came into the contest with 999 points.  The three-year starter for the Raiders is the eighth player to reach that plateau for the school.

Lamparty came up just one point shy in a road game against Niles the week before, something she was well aware of, “I did.  I realized I didn’t want to get it at someone else’s home gym, I’d rather get it here.  Monday with it being the ‘pack the gym’ for us and senior night, I thought it would be better to get it here.”

“I was pretty excited that I would finally reach that mark in this season, but when I first shot it, it didn’t set in,” Izzy admitted.  “When everyone came and congratulated me I was like oh wow I got it.”

Making the moment even more special was having her younger sister and teammate right there on the court with her.  Just like in Izzy’s career, her sister Gabby is a starting freshman playing guard for the Raiders.

“We’re very close.  With her out there, I mean I grew up with her so it was very special to have her come give me a hug when I scored (the 1,000 points),” Izzy said.

Also on hand was a large contingent of her family including her mother Fran and father Jim.  Izzy was pleasantly surprised that some of her family traveled quite a distance to see her reach the record.

“It was great to have them all here.  I wasn’t expecting as many of my family as what came.  A couple of my aunts are like an hour and a half away, which I did not expect. So that made it very exciting,” Izzy explained.

“We kind of knew around this time of year that it was going to happen,” Raiders coach Jeff Fishel said.  “We were excited about it and there was a lot of build-up in the game before that against Niles and it’s the first time in my coaching career that I have experienced this.”

Izzy added, “Every player would like to reach that goal.  But I wasn’t really focused on getting 1,000 points.  Coming into this season I didn’t realize how close I was because previous coaches didn’t let me know how close I was.  Coach Fishel let me know I was a lot closer than I thought.”

“Our message is always about the team, and we realize that in the middle of all that there are going to be individual accomplishments.  And usually, with great individual accomplishments like that, there are also team accomplishments that come from it as well.  They work together,” Fishel said of recognizing Izzy’s milestone.

Fishel went on to explain how important Izzy is to the Raiders team, “Izzy is tough to guard.  She can create some match-up problems for our opponents.  So that gives us a lot of flexibility with how we use her and what ways we use her.  She can play outside, she can play inside, she can handle the ball, she can shoot a little bit, so it’s nice to have just that talent with that skill set to give our team more options on every possession.”

“My mom was a big basketball player so she always loves to give me tips.  Sometimes she texts my phone while I’m out with my friends she’s trying to tell me stuff about basketball,” Izzy said with a chuckle about how her mother is a big influence in her success.

Lamparty and the second-seeded Raiders will start tournament play Saturday afternoon when they host the winner of the Waterloo-East Palestine game Wednesday night.  Lamparty has helped the Raiders reach a District Championship and a District semi-final in her past two seasons as a starter.

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