YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It can be tough fitting more than 13 games into just 5 plays, especially when there are two games in two days with potential “Game of the Year” play, so here is your Top 5 Plays of Week 3:

Number 5: Second offensive play from scrimmage for the Farrell Steelers on their brand new turf and looks like they’re loving it, Kylon “Flash 4” Wilson takes the Kabron Smith screen pass, hits a move and turns it on 51-yards to the endzone minutes into the game.

Number 4: Our Friday Night Game of the Week — Poland’s offense getting a spark from Cole Fulton, with Chad Krispinsky on the call taking us through it.

Number 3: A big play and big moment, Ursuline tries the squib kick to avoid the big return, but Farrell’s Brandon Chambers scoops it up down 2, and by the end of it, gives the Steelers the late 38-34 lead late in the 3rd quarter.

Number 2: United trailed by 18-points at the half, and this is how to ignite a comeback, Quarterback Luke Courtney rolling out, juking, spinning out of a tackle, following blockers, throws a mean stiff arm and cruises the rest of the way for the 89-yard touchdown, and he wasn’t done.

Number 1: Courtney and the Eagles looking to complete the comeback in epic fashion, heaves up and it’s somehow caught by Brock Rhodes with 4 seconds left. Through the juggles, you can see Rhodes rip the ball away for the catch to take down Crestview in an instant classic for our top play of the week.