MINERAL RIDGE, Ohio (WKBN) – Brian Rollison grew up in the gym, spending countless hours training at the Ohio Gymnastics Institute.

“I’ve been doing classes since I was a baby, so about probably 14 years that I’ve been actually doing gymnastics,” Rollison said.

Now a junior at Howland, Rollison is competing in the sports’ top tier as a Level 10 gymnast.

“This is the highest level that I can go pretty much before I go to college or if I do continue in college or the Olympics,” he added.

For Rollison, this season has been one for the books. At the beginning of April, he earned a trip to his first National Championships.

“Two years ago, Nationals was not even held due to COVID,” Rollison said. “And then last year, my mom got COVID right before states, so I didn’t even get the chance to continue on. And before that, I was not really into the sport, so it wasn’t a huge deal for me. But now that I’m a level 10 and this my junior year, it was a huge deal and I really needed to make Nationals.”

Along with his favorite event, the still rings, Rollison will participate in five other events in the most competitive meet of his gymnastics career.

“We go to meets around here and there’s just maybe a dozen level tens in the meet and we go out a little wider and there’ll be 50 or 60,” Ron Ferris, owner of the Ohio Gymnastics Institute said. “But this is Nationals. There’s probably 250, 300 level 10s.”

While at Nationals, Rollison is aiming to catch the eyes of college scouts.

“Every single college coach in the country is going to be at Nationals,” Rollison said. “So, that’s going to be a huge experience where I can put myself out there and college coaches can see me.”

The 2022 USA Gymnastics Development Program National Championships take place in Mesa, Arizona May 10-15.