HICKORY, Pa. (WKBN) – The Hickory Girls Golf team secured their first state championship last season, but junior Sasha Petrochko is looking to make this season, even more memorable.

“I’m just in disbelief every time we are on the golf course,” Hickory Girls Golf Coach Craig Antush said.

In doing that, Petrochko is shattering records.

“That was a crazy round, like three birdies in a row and the putting was like it’s 20 footers and stuff, usually those typically don’t go in and that was exciting,” Petrochko said.

The junior would go on to fire a school record 8-under 62 at Deer Creek Golf Course in mid-August.

“I felt like that my swing felt pretty good at the start of the round and stuff and that my putting stroke felt good… I thought it was going to be a pretty good day, but I didn’t expect 62,” Petrochko said.

A number, that head coach Craig Antush says not many people, across the board, can say they’ve reached.

“A lot of ways it’s it’s unheard of because, I mean, she’s 16 years old and just think what we tried to do when we were 16 and what she’s accomplishing already as a 16 year old,” Antush said.

Even after a team state championship last season, Petrochko didn’t see that low of a score coming.

“The summer tournament season for me didn’t go so well, so I wasn’t expecting much for my high school season, just trying to kind of stay like even-keeled and just trying to play my best,” Petrochko said. “But I feel like I have like a lot more of a confidence boost right now and I’m able to, like, trust my swing in the process more now.”

Coach Antush however, never doubts the standout.

“Nothing really fazes her and this is a tough sport because one bad hole can really cause some people to be extremely distracted and she has a very short memory,” Antush said.

Allowing Petrochko to continue to put up incredible rounds.

“I never really expected to do that,” Petrochko said. “I bet Kenzie, the player that graduated, isn’t too happy with me that I broke hers, but no, it’s a great feeling.”