FARRELL, Penn. (WKBN) – The dominant Farrell Steelers football program doesn’t expect much to change on the field.

“We got a lot experienced guys, you know, and we’ve got new turf coming, so it makes it even better,” senior Lamont Sanders said.

Well, that is besides the actual field itself…

“Just showcasing like life to the first class to play on the team. I mean, on the field, it’s just be a great experience,” senior Anthony Jackson said.

So after Farrell High School puts in new turf, track and a scoreboard, they hope this could take a team with a 56-9 records the last 5 years to an even bigger level.

“Oh, I never really knew the difference back until like I have a better performance on turf. I mean, I got good performance on any field, but it’s just like turf was just better,” senior Kaylon Wilson said.

But turf wont be the only thing different for the Steelers this season, as a revamped schedule sees them face Ursuline in week 2, along with local rivalries returned in Sharon, Hickory, Grove City and Slippery Rock.

Something Jackson, the senior offensive and defensive lineman, says will force people to see them as the powerhouse they are.

“Recruiters don’t like to recruit people like you because you play in low ranking teams. You know, we bring them out. They don’t really see the, you know, our athleticism as much. But when we’ve seen it, when we played at big ranked teams, recruiters started to come out and it’s hard to see, Oh yeah, if there was a team that we could start recruiting now and seeing how we could play against the big teams,” Jackson said.

To continue the dominant run, junior KaBron Smith is ready to run it back as QB-1, this time, a little more settled in.

“My confidence wasn’t as high as it is now. I know how to read defense as a quarterback now, so what’s like better is like, I know what to do and like, my coaches expect me know,” Smith said.

“He’s been around this program, very smart kid, understands the offense. He corrects me a lot of times and when there are mistakes,” Farrell Head Coach Amp Pegues said. “He can correct those and he has so much confidence and and his biggest attribute right now is being a leader.

To build on that season, Coach Pegues will look to a bevy of playmakers, from Sanders to Wilson, who feels this team is deeper than many are going to expect come week 1.

“Everybody thinks this the Kaylon Steelers is not just the Kaylon Steelers, so it is not a one man army, We got a lot of talent, especially with my young guys like Danny Odom, my great young quarterback, KaBron Smith. We got a lot of people on that, on this starting lineup that you would never expect to come play how they play, but they’re going to see,” Wilson said.

And it’s basically become a Steelers tradition, win the region, then the district, with all eyes on State.

“That would be playing on December, my birthday is actually the state championship game I like to play on my birthday. You know, that’s actually fun,” Smith said. “But we got to represent for our city. You know, we got a big F on our chest, got to represent.”