FARRELL, Pennsylvania (WKBN) – Farrell senior D’Eryah Stewart was first introduced to the sport of basketball by her aunt.

“I started in third grade with my Aunt Chloe,” Steward said. “She was actually my coach when I first started and then as the years go, I just kept loving the game so I continued to play.”

Stewart is a four-year letter winner on the Steelers’ basketball team. She helped lead the Steelers to the District 10 championship game the last three years. This season, they are aiming for the title.

“The basketball season is going really well,” Stewart said. “Me and the girls have been executing at practice for one goal and that’s basically to become District 10 champions.”

Stewart is also a four-year letter winner on the volleyball team and cheers for the Steelers. While juggling three sports, Stewart posts a 3.9 GPA and ranks fourth in her class.

“It’s hard,” she added. “Sometimes you fall asleep doing your homework at times. I just try to keep myself busy, not really busy, but trying to keep a journal to make sure I write down everything that I need to do to try to keep myself on task and everything.”

She is a part of student council and the LindenPointe Entrepreneurship Academy. She also started her own clothing company.

“I have my own business called “Too Dye Forr,” she said. “I make tie dye for a living. I started during quarantine. I was bored and my cousins were telling me to just try something new because we’re at home and I did and I ended up loving it. I came out with a ton of different outfits and a ton of designs.”

Stewart is still weighing her college options for the fall.

“I know I want to go to school to become a nurse practitioner, but I’m still indecisive of what school I want to go to right now.”