East Palestine standout Parker Sherry unable to prove himself with the Falcons this spring


Sherry was looking to prove himself to his coaches in spring workouts and game

EAST PALESTINE, OHIO (WKBN) – Taking a break from cutting his grandmothers lawn, East Palestine native Parker Sherry took a moment to reflect on where he is at this point in his life.  Although Sherry loves being at home on the family farm where he can enjoy the outdoors, at the same time he knows that an opportunity is slipping away from him.  A critical time to prove himself to the coaching staff on the Bowling Green Falcons football team.

Sherry, who was a standout player for the Bulldogs football program, enrolled at Bowling Green last year as a preferred walk-on football player.  As a preferred walk-on, he gets to participate in all the team workouts and essentially be on the team like any scholarship player, but he has to pay his own tuition and board.

With the COVID-19 situation, Bowling Green is conducting classes on-line just like all other institutions in the state, but unfortunately for Sherry, the Falcons have canceled their spring workouts and their annual spring game which was scheduled for April 18th.  Essentially limiting Sherry from being able to showcase his talents and development for his coaches, and more importantly, possibly earning the desired scholarship.

“I’m bummed out that I didn’t get a chance to prove myself in this time of year because as a preferred walk-on I had the biggest opportunity to prove myself for a chance at a scholarship,” Sherry admitted.  “There was a lot of hard work going into spring ball this year, not only for the team but as part of the wide receiver unit we put a lot of work in and I felt like I was getting a lot better.”

Sherry, a 2019 graduate of East Palestine set just about every offensive record in the Bulldogs football program.  He led the Bulldogs to the state playoffs in both 2015 and 2017 and holds the Columbiana County record for total yards with 11,715.  He has switched from the quarterback position at East Palestine to a wide receiver position with the Falcons.

“It’s definitely a lot different, that’s for sure,” He said of his first year at Bowling Green.  “You think you know a lot about football, and then you get humbled very fast because there is so much new knowledge and information that you learn not just football-wise but just becoming a man in its entirety as well.  It’s a full-time job.”

He continued describing how the coaches are in constant contact with him now, “We are on a daily basis, Monday through Friday.  We have team meetings, receiver meetings, offensive team meetings, and special team meetings.  We go over plays and different terminology.”

Sherry also explained that the coaches have him and his teammates watching game film to keep their mental skills sharp.  The coaches can also breakdown the film just like they do when on campus.

“We use DV Sport, where we are able to watch a lot of film on there from past seasons, and different teams.  The coaches use Microsoft Teams, where they show us their screen and we’ll watch the different cut-ups they made of plays we’re running and new plays, or how they would like certain blocking schemes done.  So we are still able to see roughly the same thing we would see in person,” Sherry stated.

As far as the physical aspect of the game, Sherry also has a set schedule provided by the coaches, “We have a Monday through Saturday workout schedule.  On Monday through Friday, it’s not lifting, it’s more bodyweight stuff with pushups, situps and all that kind of stuff.  Monday, arms, Wednesday legs, stuff like that.  On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s we have some type of running regiment that we are required to do.”

Sherry is eager to return to the football sidelines this fall where he will join other local players in Jordan Murphy from Crestview, Davion Daniels from Hubbard, and Blaine Spires from Youngstown East all on the Falcons team.  The Falcons are scheduled to kick off the 2020 season when they play at Ohio State on September 5th.

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