Drop and give me 20! Springfield football team using pushups to stay competitive while at home


Springfield's football coaches have challenged their players with home workouts while away from the team and school

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – This time of year, high school football teams are usually competing with themselves in the weight room. But with schools closed and a stay-at-home order until at least May 1, the Springfield football team has been getting creative.

“We are going to do two to three challenges a week,” said head coach Sean Guerriero. “So last week, we had guys take a clip of themselves for 30 seconds just doing pushups.”

“Everyone is on board,” said junior wideout and kicker Clay Medvec. “Doing the videos, watching them getting a good laugh, that really helps with the team bonding.”

Guerriero is hoping something as little as pushups will help his Tigers keep their competitive edge while being apart.

“We started breaking it down by class and then they started looking at it and the junior class beat the sophomore and freshman class,” Guerriero said. “How can we beat them, how can we do more? Then I had a couple kids say, ‘That kid didn’t do that many, he had to cheat!’ Well, it was on the video, you saw it. So it is kind of neat to see the kids interact and starting to see that competitive level.”

“If you see someone in your position doing 35 pushups and you are doing 34, that means you have to do one more rep the next day and push yourself to that aspect so you can get the spot and you get the minutes in the game,” Medvec said. “That is how I am looking at it.”

Medvec said the challenges along with the coaches putting training schedules online are helping him get off the couch while staying at home.

“It is definitely giving us something to do besides sit on the couch watching TV and playing Fortnite,” he said. “Getting up on the ground doing pushups, situps and pullups. It’s definitely better than sitting on our butts.

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