Drivers talk winning ahead of Daytona 500


Winning at Daytona is every driver’s goal, and they talked about it Wednesday during media day.

With the rain out of the way at the Daytona International Speedway, Sunday’s race is expected to be sunny and warm. For one driver, a win will make the weather feel perfect for the rest of his life.

Few trophies in sports rival the massive Harley J. Earl, and that’s just one of the fruits if you can win the Daytona 500.

“After winning it, you respect it more than what you did before you win it because you see all the media and fanfare,” said Denny Hamlin, 2016 champion.

“It’s definitely its own race, set apart from the season. All we want to do is win,” said NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

Yes, Daytona is different. Even a young driver knows what happens if you can make it to victory lane, and the keyword is “if.” A perfect race strategy can be wiped out in less than a second. Driver Chris Buescher finished 5th in last year’s race. What did he learn? –  Knowledge on to aim even higher.

“It’s hard enough to finish the 500. We’ve been able to put ourselves in position. Really, that’s the key. If you’re there enough, then you’ll be able to capitalize on it one of these times,” he said.

Buescher finished 22nd in Daytona 500 front row qualifying last Sunday. So, like a lot of these drivers, he hopes to have a strong effort in Thursday night’s qualifying races to put himself in a good starting position.

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