Do head coaches want high school football playoff expansion? The results are in


486 of the 711 high school football coaches across the state took part in a survey

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The Ohio High School Football Coaches Association has spent the last month polling head coaches from across the state of Ohio. They’re asking their membership if they prefer the current 12-team playoff system, or the new expanded 16-team playoff format proposed by the OHSAA. Nearly 500 coaches responded.

“It tells us that the people on the ground level have a very firm opinion of what should happen,” says Canfield head coach Mike Pavlansky.

Pavlansky is opposed to playoff expansion, and according to the research, he’s not alone.

486 of the 711 high school football coaches across the state took part in the survey.

342 voted for the current 12-team playoff system. That means 70% of those that responded were against playoff expansion.

“I think 70% are against it because they believe making the football playoffs in the state of Ohio is something special,” says Pavlansky. “It’s a reward to having a good season. It should not be a reward for having a season.”

The results are even more lopsided here in the Valley. In Region 8, which includes 28 local teams, only two head coaches voted for expansion.

“We believe we’ve got the best playoff system in the country here in Ohio,” says Pavlansky. “And it’s because of the board of directors. It’s because of the football coaches associations, because of the schools, because of the student athletes, the communities. Why in one meeting would you want to increase when you’ve never moved that fast before?”

The coaches association will present their findings to the OHSAA at a meeting next month. They’re asking the organization to pause that decision for the upcoming season.

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