HOUSTON, Texas (WKBN) – ESPN is reporting that Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Deshaun Watson has settled three of the remaining four civil cases brought against him by massage therapists alleging sexual misconduct during therapy sessions.

That leaves just one case unsettled out of the original 24.

Tony Buzbee, attorney for the women who have accused Watson, said in a statement Monday morning.

“After lengthy and intense negotiations, I can confirm that, late last night, our team resolved three of the four remaining civil cases with Deshaun Watson. We will continue to discuss the remaining case with Watson’s legal team, as appropriate. This case started because one woman had the fortitude to step forward and make her voice heard. Her courage inspired many others with the same experience. None of this saga would have occurred without that one brave voice. One person can make a difference. I have been asked repeatedly about my thoughts in regard to the NFL’s proceeding with Deshaun Watson. Although some of my clients do have strong feelings in that regard, I have nothing meaningful to say about that process. I’ve said in the beginning that the civil process and the NFL’s disciplinary process are very different. My role was to advance the cause of my clients, in civil court – nothing more. I’ve done that. I am extremely proud of these women and our legal team’s efforts. The settlements are confidential. I won’t comment further on them.”

Tony Buzbee

The news comes just hours before Judge Sue L. Robinson is expected to issue her ruling regarding whether Watson violated the National Football League’s personal conduct policy.

Her ruling is expected to be announced on Monday morning.