LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – The Cleveland Browns will be taking on the Baltimore Ravens Sunday night, and a local company is doing its part to pump up local fans.

Global-Pak, a bulk bag supplier in Lisbon, thought of the idea as a way to have fun and showcase its product.

Rob Gregg, from Global-Pak, painted the bag as a Browns jersey. It was then dropped on a mannequin wearing a Raven’s jersey from 20 feet in the air, which is much higher than what they usually test products at.

“Everything turned out real well. Obviously, the bag broke, which as a quality manager, you know we don’t want that to happen, but we’re also like four or five times the height requirement for the drop test, so it’s bound to happen,” Said Jason Busch, quality manager and head testing engineer.

The video was shot at HMF Recycling Center, which is also in Lisbon. It was then edited by Small Media Large out of Pittsburgh.