CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is taking a break from social media.

He announced the break Tuesday night on his Instagram stories.

“Getting off all social media for the foreseeable future,” he wrote.

Baker had shoulder surgery one week ago.

He said the surgery to repair a torn labrum on his non-throwing arm was successful.

Now for his recovery and the offseason, he’s ready to unplug.

“Gotta do what’s best for me, my family and loved ones,” he said.

“Appreciate all the support. It’s time to get right.”

Recovery time for labrum repair can take 3 to 6 months and typically includes physical therapy in the first few weeks to regain range of motion.

Mayfield hinted at the departure from social media over the weekend during the playoffs.

“Congrats to all teams moving on,” Mayfield wrote in a tweet. “Some extremely competitive football was played this weekend. Was entertaining to watch. Would absolutely much rather be playing, but was fun to watch.”

He continued.

“Nevertheless… social media is toxic,” Mayfield tweeted. “Always kept my circle tight. Time to get back to that. Family and loved ones only.”