CLEVELAND (WJW) — Browns fans are counting down to kick-off ahead of Thursday’s prime-time game against the Steelers.

The game, which airs on Amazon Prime Video, is a massive production, which started setting up Monday.

Nearly a dozen brand new state-of-the-art trucks are outside and inside the stadium, with about 50 high-resolution cameras. Dual sky cams and more than 300 people working on the crew.

That’s around five times the staff and equipment as a regular game.

And since Amazon Prime is the first streaming service to exclusively broadcast with the NFL, fans can watch anywhere the internet is available, including laptops, smartphones, tablets and gaming systems.

“It’s great to do a big prime-time game,” said Tim DeKime, vice president of NBC sports operations. “We have so many cameras and so much coverage that it just enhances the broadcast for replays and everything else like that.”

Fans can watch the game on Amazon Prime Video.

Al Michaels and former Ohio State QB Kirk Herbstreit have the call for Thursday Night Football.

Kick-off is at 8:15 a.m.